Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quack, Quack, that was whack...

It has now been a full day since learning about the "sanctions" brought on by the NCAA against the University of Oregon Ducks....I am still angry. On a day we saw DOMA stripped down, Aaron Hernandez arrested for murder, and one of the craziest days at Wimbledon in history, I figured the football Gods would give us a program-destroying recommendation that would shock the world. Instead, the only people who are shocked are Oregon's rivals (and most importantly the Husky Loyal Army).

When Oregon recommended a slap on the wrist, I figured it was a slap in the face to the NCAA who have given out harsher penalties to babies wearing the wrong colors at a diving meet. Yesterday we learned that Oregon football would lose two scholarships, go on three years of probation and lose a score of recruiting visits (an amount that Oregon didn't even use all of last year). And the coup-de-grace, the clincher, the biggest joke of the investigation and its outcome? FORMER coach Chip Kelly is not allowed to coach college football for the next 18 months............really, I'm not joking.

The biggest punishment handed down to Oregon who have cheated for the duration of their "Duck Dynasty" is to not allow their former head coach to give up millions of dollars and return to college football in the next 18 months. Nice work, NCAA. I have generally defended the system that regulated college athletics, but this may have brought me to the other side. After seeing how badly they treated USC, somewhat deservedly so, how badly they messed up the University of Miami investigation, and how they handled the misguided attempt at punishing Penn State; we now have this.

I am not sure there was a single Oregon fan who was disappointed in the findings. In fact, I bet you a million bucks there were thousands of Mallard fans who were ready for much worse sanctions and were going to tell us why it was stupid that their team was getting punished for something every other school is doing. The owner of the "Ducks Dominance Dlog" (which I just made up) would have said something along the lines of, "Bro, we are banned from a bowl game?!? That's dumb. Alabama recruits 45 bros, and only keeps 25 of those bros after spring practice, and nothing happens. God Kelly reaches out to someone for help, a disciple, and we can't go to a bowl game? I'll be in my trailer home if you need me."

This doesn't change anything when it comes to being rivals with Oregon other than we have yet another reason not to like this program. In fact, when we finally beat Oregon this year in our new stadium, we will know that there were no asterisks or anything else that could take away from a potentially monumental win. There is nothing we can do about it, this is a final ruling, but this gives us plenty to think about going into a season that could change everything for the Huskies.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Spreads are out.....not too bad.

One of the most exciting elements to start the lead up to the college football season (which is already just 82 days away) is the release of the spreads for each college football game. It is almost completely unfounded, irrelevant, inaccurate and pretty stupid if you think about it, but at the same time really awesome. The spreads themselves have zero impact on the games, but it reminds all of us loyal fans that football is just over the horizon and thus begins the "summer season of projection". That's really all these spreads do, but isn't it fun? Every fan across the country is happy, sad, angry, confident and sometimes indifferent about each of the spreads for their respective favorite team. While I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard some of the spreads for the powerhouses across the country, which for some reason did not include the Huskies, I thought about the opportunity the Huskies are being presented for this season. We have great talent, great coaching, a new stadium and buzz going into this season, and the opportunity to turn some heads. Here are my thoughts on all of these spreads: