Friday, December 21, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Ve-gas

There just seems to be a different feel in the air this year compared to last. The Huskies will be playing a highly ranked Boise State team in a lesser bowl than last year's carpet burner. The likes of Robert Griffin III have been replaced by Joe Southwick....who? The defense's are taking center stage for two teams more recently known to have a tough time stopping my high school's JV team (which went 2-7 this year). And all this coming off of a bitter loss to the in-state rival, compared to last year's triumphant victory at would soon be the Dawgs new home at the CLink.

Friday, December 7, 2012

We be bowlin'...

The Huskies finished the season 7-5, good enough to land into the bowl madness that comes about each December and January. No, we aren't playing on New Year's Day or even the weekend leading up to what used to be considered the greatest day for college football each year. But, considering the meltdown that occurred in Pullman this year, heading off to Vegas playing against a ranked Boise State team is not half-bad.

Monday, November 26, 2012

No words to describe

This is the most challenging and depressing blog post to date, and could be one of the toughest I will ever have to do. There are not many words to describe how it feels three days after one of the most frustrating and embarrassing losses these Huskies have ever seen. High expectations, heavy mismatch, overwhelming momentum, a blown lead and much more describe what could have been and what ended up not being. As a longtime UW fan I have gotten used to disappointment, it kind of comes with the territory and is what makes Husky fans who they are (which is very special). But this one seems tougher for a lot more reasons than "we should have beat our rival". What hurts so bad is looking at what this season could have represented. Eight, maybe nine, wins, a decent bowl game, great play from a backup running back, a complete 180 from our defense, hype and momentum going into next year and, finally, something to be proud of. What do we have now? Seven wins, maybe eight, likely against Navy in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, a loss to the G-D Cougars, a fire brewing underneath Coach Sark's seat as head coach, possible recruiting setbacks and a bunch of angry fans. Not exactly what we were hoping for heading into our new digs on Montlake next season.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Apple Cup

The question has been asked quite often this last week, is the Apple Cup as relevant as it used to be? I think that has got to be the dumbest question out there right now, and I feel like I should not even address it. But, alas, I have an obligation to the Husky Loyal Army to talk about the things that are out there. Yes. The answer is yes. The Apple Cup represents the battle between UW vs WSU, the Dawgs vs. the Cougs, good vs. evil, east vs. west, city vs. farm, smart vs. whatever they are. In the past this game has had some meaningful consequences to bowl games, and even more specifically the Rose Bowl, but it has always transcended those consequences. For the longest time the Dawgs would try to hold off their pesky little step brother from the other side of the state in the last game of the season before heading to a great bowl game, and those were the roles. But more than that it was a game that represented a whole season. Both teams go into the Apple Cup 0-0 and are trying to win a one-game playoff championship series.....that's it. Leading up to the game, each side of fans tries to make the other look stupid by bringing up past embarrassments, stereotypes, recent proud successes and most importantly, pointing out who won the last Apple Cup (if your team won, easy enough, if your team lost, you try and discount it as much as possible). That is the fun of the Apple Cup. Each side thinks the other is delusional and often it leads to bar fights and, now, Facebook status squabbles. What a great tradition. Who cares how bad the Cougars are this year and most every other year. They don't know that when they step on the field against their hated rivals who win more than them, it doesn't matter. When a team is playing from a lower position they have nothing to lose, and the Cougars have made a living playing from that viewpoint and it has hurt the Huskies on several gotta love it.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I had a dream a couple of nights ago that the Huskies had beat Colorado and went into the Apple Cup at 7-4 and needed one more win to finish with 8 wins and a decent bowl selection. The Huskies were down by 3 with a couple of minutes left and were marching against the Cougs. On a third down play, Keith Price threw a pick six against the worst passing defense in the country and the Huskies lost the Apple Cup. In this dream, a Coug friend of mine was watching the game with me, and he didn't even rub it in....which actually made it worse. I woke up thinking, "I cannot believe the Huskies saved the season only to lose in the finale against a terrible WSU team. I can't do this anymore." Thankfully, as my wife reminded me, it was just a dream.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Say bye-bye to the CLink

Today will mark the last game at the Clink for the Huskies in this season of transition. CenturyLink has actually been pretty friendly to the Dawgs throughout the season, and has been welcome turf after rough losses on the road. Yes, that game against USC was incredibly frustrating, so was the San Diego State game for that matter, but, UW has beaten two top 10 teams this season at home, and has the chance to go 5-1 at home, which is very good. It's been weird. The band has become somewhat irrelevant, tailgating has been God awful and the fan base has been a little less than loyal. Students needed to take shuttles to the game after getting hammered at their homes first, and alumni have not enjoyed the extra few miles down I-5 for the commute.

With all that said, here we are in a very winnable game, despite what Vegas says, and a chance to be 6-4 (4-3) with two games on the road against the worst teams in the conference. It really depends on how the team finishes and which bowl game they are fortunate to go to in December, but it has been a throwaway type of season. Lots of things to look forward to and a few highlights, but otherwise it has been really frustrating up to this point. Blowout losses, a tough home situation and an infinite amount of injuries. 8 wins is still 8 wins, and I think the fan base will be content at the end of the year, but seeing what kind of squad we'll have for next year is what gets me excited.

Tonight we will have to contain one person, and one person alone. Star Lotulelei. He is a beast in the middle and really clogs up things. The run game has been the surprise of the season, but we are going to have to keep most everything to the outside and have a solid game from Keith Price, which hasn't really happened this year. UW is a much better team overall so I have a lot of confidence going into this game, but the boys need to have their focus, this one is big.

Go Dawgs!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Big Game....(no, not that one)

The Huskies are set to kick off against the Cal Bears in about three and a half hours, and I feel a familiar thought moving from the back of my brain to the frontal cortex as I start typing this latest post. "This game will determine if the program has taken a step" or "UW has not been able to win on the road, does it all change after tonight?" or "the Huskies are better than Cal, can they prove it" or "this is the most important game on the Huskies schedule all year". All of these questions and thoughts are apt to describe how the Husky Loyal Army is feeling going into tonight.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Leave it to the Beavers

Monday morning over the last few years has been reserved to looking back over the weekend and thinking about what could have been. You wake up and think about our beloved Huskies losing another game they could have and should have won, and then get hit below the belt by remembering that the next day, Sunday, the Seahawks would lose another close game. This has been the life of the Seattle sports fan for quite some time. But look at us now. Monday morning you woke up in your Husky pajamas, looked at your UW alarm clock and dried off in your Harry the Husky bath towel thinking, "We just beat a very good Oregon State team that was ranked #7 in the country!!! Who cares if the Hawks lost, they'll be alright because they are pretty darn good football team, too." You then walked over to your sink and picked up your toothbrush that has a UW logo on it, and while brushing came to this realization, "The Huskies are 4-4 after a really tough first 8 games, and things are looking pretty good from here. Might we sneak back into the Alamo Bowl despite losing three weeks in a row? Yes we can! Yes we can!" After eating breakfast you decide it just seems like one of those work days where a traditional tie is not going to do it, so you pull out that tie that is either purple with gold stripes, or the one that has the huge UW logo in the middle of it. Why are you wearing that today? Because we are proud of our team that played so well on Saturday and you want to show the world that you are a Husky fan, a proud Husky fan, and you are LOYAL to these dawgs.

Friday, October 26, 2012

How we beat the Beavs? It's on the fans

Need all the help we can get tomorrow against the Beavers. Oregon State comes into tomorrow's game inexplicably ranked #7 in the latest BCS rankings after starting the season 6-0. Quite possibly the biggest surprise of this college football season, the Beavers have remained unbeaten after hosting Wisconsin and beating BYU on the road in Provo. A win on the road against Arizona has looked good or bad depending on the week, and that's about it for big wins. Outside of those three wins, this team may be the most overrated of any team in the country. In fact, if you measure this team up against any other in the top 10, you would have to wonder why Oregon State is even there to begin with. Yes, going 6-0 is not an easy thing, even with Oregon State's relatively easy early slate. The real test, I think, begins with UW at the CLink tomorrow. Last time the Beavers came into Husky territory it left Husky Stadium with its tail between its legs after failing to convert a two point conversion, unnecessarily, in overtime.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It was the worst of times, it was the.....worst of times....

Calling all Husky Loyal fans, this is a test of the emergency "we are failing" system. Please turn off all media devices and overt your eyes from coverage of last night's, last week's and pretty much the last month's lowlights of the Husky football team.

What can I say? This is starting to become another one of those seasons that is just too hard to bear. As Husky fans we have expected a lot out of our football team, but lately, we have needed to band together during a time in our program's history that has become known for under performing and low expectations. But this is what makes us unique. Today, you will pass another Husky fan in the street or at a farmer's market or at Starbucks or at a antique store and do the "rough game last night" head shake. And being Husky fans, we will take pride in the fact that we still have each other as loyal lovers of the University of Washington football team.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bear Down? Hopefully Not.

Before the season started Husky fans looked at the Stanford game as the most important game in determining how far this program has come along since the days of Keith Gilbertson and his run-run-pass-punt offense and the disappointing days of Tyrone "Coach Rone" Willingham. Halfway through the season the Huskies are 3-3, and, on paper, just about where people thought they would be. However, if you've watched every game, you know that this team should be better than the record would indicate, and the potential for success has not been achieved in any way conceivable, minus the Stanford game. UW beat Stanford, a win that fans thought at the beginning of the season meant this team is on its way back. But after a bad loss at Oregon and a disappointing performance against USC at "home", we Husky fans are scrambling a little bit.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coach Sark's Speech Today

What would I say to the Huskies in the locker room if I were Coach Sark today?

"Men, I believe in you. I believe we are the team we want to be. Today is a new day, and we are embarking on a one game season that will begin and end today. Play your hearts out today, and win today's championship game, because there is just one. Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you what I really think. I think we are better than this team. They are a pack of cheats, and they will always be cheaters. Trust me, I used to be a coach there. If I showed up at a recruits house without a stack of cash, I would've been fired as soon as I got back to campus. They are overrated, they lack depth and they are immoral. Stanford beat them, they have struggled against a couple of weaker teams, and let me tell you what, gentlemen, we are not a weak team. We are the University of Washington, we play with pride wearing the purple and the gold. 1990......Todd Marinovich.... "All I saw was purple..." Just think about that when you take the field today. We are the God Damn Huskies, and we do not get pushed around by these soft, long-haired, prissy, Hollywood pansies of a football team. Fight for tradition. Fight for our fans and for this city. Make them bow down..."

Coach Sark, if you are reading this right now, use this speech. It will mean a victory for the Huskies against USC. Thank you.

Go Dawgs!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playing the Ducks...

This has become one of the hardest weeks to look forward to each year. As Oregon has become one of the premier teams in college football over the years (by cheating), we, as Husky fans, have had to endure years of obnoxious, unintelligible Duck fans who have gained a national following for........their uniforms. I don't think there could be any other way to hate the Ducks after years of growing up hating in every way the boys from Eugene (shitty town), but this new "tradition" of having a different uniform for every game really eats at me.

Accompanying their stupid style of play that resembles a 7 on 7 drill at my high school football camp in Moscow, Idaho, are these dumb freaking uniforms. What the school basically said was, "we have sucked for so long, we need an overhaul, and we will do it by throwing tradition out the window." And what's worse, people all over the nation think this it is the coolest thing in the world. Watching the Ducks on TV is really hard to do. The fans, the stadium, the field, the fans, Chip Kelly, Kenny Wheaton, the fans, the uniforms, their recent success and the fans make it a miserable experience.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Speaking of the black out....

I have been tossing this idea back and forth in my head for quite some time about the Huskies, "How do I feel about the boys changing up their uniforms so often?" I have to admit that I am a traditionalist, so I have a really hard time seeing anything other than gold helmets, purple jerseys and gold pants at home, or gold helmet, white jerseys and gold pants on the road. Now, I am not so far out there as to not realize the appeal of changing things up ever so often, but after what we saw last year with the different combos (i.e. the all whites, and the white helmet, and the black pants on the road) I am ready for the "tradition" of Husky football to get back on course. This last Thursday against Stanford was a lot of fun to watch, and the blackout of uniforms and the people in the stands played out very well when all shades of black converged on the field when the clock ticked down to :00. Here is a look at the promotional picture from last week's blackout game....

Courtesy: Olugbenro Ogunsemore
I wasn't terrible excited about the look until I saw the crowd show up in similar colors, but I think there would have been a bigger impact, for me, if the Dawgs were wearing their traditionals. Maybe I am crazy, but I would just like to stay as far away from the "Ducks" look as I possibly can.

What do you all think? Let me know by commenting below.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Feels Good to be Wrong...

Wow, what a feeling it is to wake up this morning (at 1:20 A.M.) and know the Huskies did what we have all been waiting up. I know what you are going through, Husky Loyal Army. Checking every website for coverage of the game, racking your brain for the best moments of last night's game, watching ESPN's Sportscenter over and over because you know they are going to mention it about every 45 minutes, and waiting to hear from experts about what this UW team can accomplish. And you know why we are all doing this? Because we won. We beat Stanford. #8 in the country Stanford. A team that could've possibly made a run at a national championship birth if they could have beat us and Oregon. We won. The Huskies are now 3-1 and undefeated in conference play (1-0) and at home (3-0). And you know what feels really good about all this......? Our defense won this game!!!!!! Justin Wilcox has been hoisted on all of our shoulders after providing a blueprint to beat the Cardinal for this inexperienced, small and outmatched defense. Coming into the season, people were expecting the Huskies to beat teams through the air and hope to get a couple of stops here and there. But now, we can expect something else, a grind em out, knock em down kind of game that these Huskies can win. But you know what is best about all this.......I WAS WRONG!!!! And thank Don James I was wrong. I predicted before the season started that UW would lose a pivotal game to the Cardinal 28-24 in a hard fought game. A game where the Huskies proved they are still not ready for the big time. And you know what, when Stanford was on their last drive down by 4 points, I thought the same. I thought "here we go again". But this team stiffened up and came up with the plays us fans have been waiting to see out of a secretly talented group of guys.

Thank you, Huskies. Thank you for giving us some hope. No matter what happens this season, we will now always have the "Blackout of the Century".

Husky Loyalist

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Importance of the Stanford Game?

Our beloved Huskies are going to be at "home" tomorrow against the Stanford Cardinal in what is being considered by some, me, one of the biggest games in this program's most recent history. UW goes into the nationally televised, Thursday night showdown with the record of 2-1, a record most people expected after playing the A-B-C schedule the athletic department lined up for the team. A sloppy but effective win against San Diego State, a crap-tastic in every single way type of loss to Louisiana State University and a blowout, unfair win against Portland State. Now, we play a Stanford team that barely beat San Jose State, then crushed Duke and upset a national championship contender in USC. Makes for a very interesting game tomorrow at the CLink.

I think more than anything it will determine how the rest of the season will go. I know that it is just one game, and the Pac-12 has proven this year that anyone can beat anyone on any given Thursday-Friday-Saturday, but this Husky team has become predictable enough that I think we will know UW's record by the end of tomorrow's match.

If the Stanford Cardinal beat the Huskies.....
This obviously is the worst case scenario for many reasons. I believe it means that the Huskies are still not ready for the big time and our injury issues are a bigger deal than Coach Sark has led us to believe. Therefore, if we can't win, the rest of the season looks a little something like this:

At Oregon, Huskies lose by more than 40 points, team record; 2-3
Vs USC, Huskies lose by about 20 points, team record; 2-4
At Arizona, Huskies lose in a shootout by a TD, team record; 2-5
Vs Oregon St., Huskies lose by a field goal, team record; 2-6
At Cal, Huskies finally get back on track with upset win, team record; 3-6
Vs Utah, home field advantage is key, Huskies win, team record; 4-6
At Colorado, not the season we wanted, but it's still the Buffs, team record; 5-6
At Wazzu, they really do suck, Huskies win close one, team record; 6-6

Remember, this is the bad news. And don't forget I am just some idiot Husky fan that thinks he knows the team really well. 6-6 in a year with the hardest schedule in the country with a terrible list of important injuries is not so bad, right? I mean, it still gets you to a bowl game and the future continues to look bright. But, not beating Stanford at home means all of the questionable games on the schedule will likely go to the opponent, and also puts in question some of the "locks".

If Huskies pull off the upset and beat the Cardinal...
I do not think that this is so outlandish. This is not the same Cardinal team that we saw last year in Palo Alto. We are talking about a freshman QB on the road for the first time ever, Stanford's last game was against USC so they should be a little more beaten up than UW and we have this game at "home", not on "The Farm". It will not be easy to beat the Stanford Cardinal for many reasons, but I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility. Therefore, if we win, the rest of the season looks a little something like this...

At Oregon, Huskies still lose by about 30 points, team record; 3-2
Vs USC, Huskies win by a field goal because they can beat a USC team, team record; 4-2
At Arizona, Huskies still lose to a shootout type of team on the road, team record; 4-3
Vs Oregon St., Huskies win by a field goal, team record; 5-3
At Cal, Huskies are feeling good at this point, team record; 6-3
Vs Utah, home field advantage is key, and the Huskies are better, team record; 7-3
At Colorado, Buffs only win in the last several weeks will be against WSU, team record; 8-3
At Wazzu, they really do suck, Huskies win big, team record; 9-3

In this ultimate dream scenario, the Huskies go 9-3 with a 7-1 conference record in the Pac-12 North, which will be good for second place behind Oregon unless they lose to USC and are upset by a Stanford type of team. I know that it looks crazy for UW to beat USC and Stanford in three weeks with an Oregon game squished in there, but that is the kind of confidence I will have in this team if they beat Stanford.

This game is huge, I hope Sark has them ready for it.

Go Dawgs!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love the thrashing/Sark's pep talk

It was finally nice to see the Huskies get a win yesterday against Portland State (even if they are worse than most intramural flag teams at the UW). What may have been the best moment of the game, other than all the scoring, was when Coach Steve Sarkisian had the team huddle up on one knee before going into the locker room at halftime. . I couldn't find a picture, but if you watched the game yesterday, you should know what I am talking about. It had appeared the Dawgs were playing about as well as a team could at home against an F-C-who cares? team, but the head coach saw something wrong. Coach Sark up until this point has seemed to be a little bit too relaxed, or atleast appeared that way, and I think that may have played into this team not having the fight it needs to finish in close situations and play as hard as they need to in tough games. His very public display of dissatisfaction at the end of the half after a couple of personal fouls and dumb penalties put a charge in me, and hopefully will resonate with the players as they head into this brutal stretch (Stanford, at Oregon, USC, at Arizona). It was fun to see the Huskies win, and hopefully this confidence will carry over into a very important game against Stanford on a Thursday night on national TV after a BYE after Stanford upset USC. I said before the season that this will be the biggest game in UW's more recent history, maybe ten years or so. A game at home in front of 68,000 fans in a blackout should give the team an advantage, now it's up to the players to use that momentum, and use the lesson learned from Coach Sark yesterday, to put away a good team on the way to a productive season.

Husky Loyalist

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Poor, Poor Poortland State

The Husky football team started scheduling its non-conference play each year based on an A-B-C plan a few years back. Meaning, essentially, that UW would play a squad that is in the top tier of teams (A), a team that won't be in the top 25 anytime soon but plays some good football (B), and a team that UW should beat if it started its third stringers (C). This year, the Huskies stuck to that plan to a T, scheduling San Diego St. (B), Louisiana State University (A++++), and now, Portland State (C).

What the Vikings didn't realize when they accepted this game is that the Huskies would get off to a victorious, but unimpressive, start against the Aztecs, and then get absolutely embarrassed by the LSU Tigers. This combination is going to motivate the Huskies to do some serious damage to show the conference and the nation that they still mean business this season.

Stuck in this fight are the poor Vikings. Losers of last week's matchup against "powerhouse" North Dakota and a win in week 1 against NAIA's Carroll College (where my first ever roommate, who was ten years older than I was, went to school). Portland State is not Eastern Washington nor Sacramento State nor Appalachian State, and may not even be Bellevue High School. This "C" team that the Husky Athletic Department scheduled is less than a C, they are closer to a Z.

With all that being said, the Huskies are going to try the best they can to absolutely thrash this team by beating up on them like my brothers did to me so they could feel like men. UW's anemic offense thus far will unleash its fury all over the Vikings defense. The "all new" defense that was supposed to turn some heads will try and make sure no Vikings player even thinks about crossing the 50 yard line without first asking permission. I would feel bad for the Vikings, but I feel worse for this year's Huskies. With great expectation can bring great let down, and so far in this very young season I have been let down. But a HUGE win over Portland State will re-energize my faith in the Dawgs and Coach Sark and Teeth, etc., etc., etc.

If any Portland State players are reading this blog, please feel free to post your contact information and I will get in touch about buying you a beer, because this is going to suck.

Friday, September 7, 2012

LSU Weather....uh-oh

The Advocate in Baton Rouge had a full write up about the weather in Baton Rouge, and how they believe that is going to have a huge impact on our players because we are used to playing so close to the North Pole (basically). You can see that article here and you can read why we are screwed almost exclusively because it will be humid and night time. Respect where respect is due, they did say LSU will be facing the toughest passing attack of the season, which was very nice of them.

It's going to be tough one down there in Death Valley, Loyal Army, but there is still a chance to pull an upset. I feel terrible for the LSU Offensive Tackle who was lost for the season this week, really a bummer. But that will help the Huskies pass rush and that is key. For anyone who is down there, enjoy yourselves, the rest of us will "freeze" in the Northwest at 75 degrees and sunny.

Go Dawgs!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chances Against LSU

This is one of the toughest matchups of the year for the Huskies this season, question is, with everything going on with the Huskies and their injuries, is there any chance UW can go down to Death Valley and pull out the HUGE upset? The Dawgs lose Callier and Jamora for the rest of the season, which is a huge blow. I think when the Huskies are playing their best offense, there are few teams that can stop them. Unfortunately, this might be one of those teams. On the other end, LSU has lost a few guys to injuries/suspensions, and that should help. They also did not play particularly well against North Texas, so between LSU and UW, I think first game performances are a wash. Will UW move to a spread em out type of passing attack without depth at running back, or does Bishop Sankey become this year's Chris Polk and balance out the passing game?

Lots of questions going into this Saturday, my question for you.......Can the Huskies pull off the upset and why or why not?

Please answer this question by writing in the comments section.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 Season Preview: Part 4

Preview Weeks 10-12

Week 10: at "home" vs. Utah Utes (what is a ute?)
This is the second year in the Pac-12 for the might Utes, who spent most of the 2000's upsetting big teams in non-conference and in big time bowl games (see Alabama in 2009 in the Sugar Bowl). This program has come a long way over the years and now is somewhat feared by even the biggest of programs because of its reputation. But the transition to "big boy" program has not been terribly easy for Utah playing in a average Pac-12 last year posting a 4-5 record in conference play, proving that the Utah's, Boise State's and TCU's of the world might have been benefiting from cupcake regular seasons, which were of benefit going into marquee bowl games at the end of the year. TCU will get their chance to prove themselves in a "big boy" conference when it moves into the Big East this year, finishing its last five games against pre-season ranked opponents, good luck, boys. Utah can bounce back after an interesting start to its PAC-12 with a big year in a south division that lacks any real firepower outside of the "Men of Troy". In fact, Utah quite possibly has the easiest PAC-12 schedule of anyone this year since it plays in the south and plays Oregon State and Cal out of the north, not too bad.

Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Season Preview: Part 3

Season Preview Weeks 7-9

Well, that was kind of a rough last few weeks with one of the more brutal stretches the Huskies have seen in a very long time. I think a lot of you might have been a little upset with the prospect of this squad losing three straight when there is so much talent, but taking the next step might just come from beating the teams the Huskies are supposed to be beat, and that is what we'll find out going into the second half of the season.

Week 7: at Arizona.....Bear Down

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Season Preview: Part 2

Season Preview Weeks 4-6

Week 4: Stanford at "home"
      This is quite possibly the biggest game in Husky football recent history. A lot of talk around Husky football is expectations. The problem with the Dawgs, as of the last 10 years, was the expectation that they beat teams they are supposed to and hope they upset one team they are not supposed to beat. And that is not what traditional Husky teams were built to do (see Whammy in Miami). Not only does Stanford lie right in the forefront of a season that can put this Husky team right back on the map, but they also start the string of games against the Pac-12 elite (which is a new thing for the Pac-12, to have teams are dominant and relevant on the national scene).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Season Preview: Part 1

Season Preview Weeks 1-3

     Well, we are just about a week away from the start of the 2012 Husky Football season, the most glorious time of the year. The time of the year where my wife gets to have a lot of "shopping days" and alone time in the other room while I watch football for about 12 hours straight, but I digress. Let me throw out there that I am just a fan like you, and so this season preview will look more like what you are thinking than any kind of expertise that you can take to Vegas. With all that being said, here is my attempt at how I think this season will go.

Week 1: San Diego St. at "home"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to the Husky Loyal Blog

Welcome to the Husky Loyal Blog! My name is Collin Sullivan and I will be dedicating as much of my time as possible to bring you, the Husky Loyal Army, completely biased news and reaction about Husky football as it happens. Our team at AiO Media was inspired to create a blog after the completion of the documentary film Husky Loyal, which is available for purchase on the Husky Loyal website by clicking here. I just got done watching Husky Loyal for the first time, and as a Husky fan, I have to say it truly captures the passion, excitement and loyalty that we have all come to love as Husky fans while experiencing a football game on Montlake in the fall.

Please visit this blog and the Husky Loyal website frequently as there will be a lot to look forward to. And go ahead and follow me at @UWHuskyLoyal on Twitter. My next blog will be a season preview. That's right, all 12 games with my pre-season analysis and predictions. Thank you for reading, and Go Dawgs!!!

Husky Loyalist