Monday, October 29, 2012

Leave it to the Beavers

Monday morning over the last few years has been reserved to looking back over the weekend and thinking about what could have been. You wake up and think about our beloved Huskies losing another game they could have and should have won, and then get hit below the belt by remembering that the next day, Sunday, the Seahawks would lose another close game. This has been the life of the Seattle sports fan for quite some time. But look at us now. Monday morning you woke up in your Husky pajamas, looked at your UW alarm clock and dried off in your Harry the Husky bath towel thinking, "We just beat a very good Oregon State team that was ranked #7 in the country!!! Who cares if the Hawks lost, they'll be alright because they are pretty darn good football team, too." You then walked over to your sink and picked up your toothbrush that has a UW logo on it, and while brushing came to this realization, "The Huskies are 4-4 after a really tough first 8 games, and things are looking pretty good from here. Might we sneak back into the Alamo Bowl despite losing three weeks in a row? Yes we can! Yes we can!" After eating breakfast you decide it just seems like one of those work days where a traditional tie is not going to do it, so you pull out that tie that is either purple with gold stripes, or the one that has the huge UW logo in the middle of it. Why are you wearing that today? Because we are proud of our team that played so well on Saturday and you want to show the world that you are a Husky fan, a proud Husky fan, and you are LOYAL to these dawgs.

Friday, October 26, 2012

How we beat the Beavs? It's on the fans

Need all the help we can get tomorrow against the Beavers. Oregon State comes into tomorrow's game inexplicably ranked #7 in the latest BCS rankings after starting the season 6-0. Quite possibly the biggest surprise of this college football season, the Beavers have remained unbeaten after hosting Wisconsin and beating BYU on the road in Provo. A win on the road against Arizona has looked good or bad depending on the week, and that's about it for big wins. Outside of those three wins, this team may be the most overrated of any team in the country. In fact, if you measure this team up against any other in the top 10, you would have to wonder why Oregon State is even there to begin with. Yes, going 6-0 is not an easy thing, even with Oregon State's relatively easy early slate. The real test, I think, begins with UW at the CLink tomorrow. Last time the Beavers came into Husky territory it left Husky Stadium with its tail between its legs after failing to convert a two point conversion, unnecessarily, in overtime.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It was the worst of times, it was the.....worst of times....

Calling all Husky Loyal fans, this is a test of the emergency "we are failing" system. Please turn off all media devices and overt your eyes from coverage of last night's, last week's and pretty much the last month's lowlights of the Husky football team.

What can I say? This is starting to become another one of those seasons that is just too hard to bear. As Husky fans we have expected a lot out of our football team, but lately, we have needed to band together during a time in our program's history that has become known for under performing and low expectations. But this is what makes us unique. Today, you will pass another Husky fan in the street or at a farmer's market or at Starbucks or at a antique store and do the "rough game last night" head shake. And being Husky fans, we will take pride in the fact that we still have each other as loyal lovers of the University of Washington football team.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bear Down? Hopefully Not.

Before the season started Husky fans looked at the Stanford game as the most important game in determining how far this program has come along since the days of Keith Gilbertson and his run-run-pass-punt offense and the disappointing days of Tyrone "Coach Rone" Willingham. Halfway through the season the Huskies are 3-3, and, on paper, just about where people thought they would be. However, if you've watched every game, you know that this team should be better than the record would indicate, and the potential for success has not been achieved in any way conceivable, minus the Stanford game. UW beat Stanford, a win that fans thought at the beginning of the season meant this team is on its way back. But after a bad loss at Oregon and a disappointing performance against USC at "home", we Husky fans are scrambling a little bit.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coach Sark's Speech Today

What would I say to the Huskies in the locker room if I were Coach Sark today?

"Men, I believe in you. I believe we are the team we want to be. Today is a new day, and we are embarking on a one game season that will begin and end today. Play your hearts out today, and win today's championship game, because there is just one. Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you what I really think. I think we are better than this team. They are a pack of cheats, and they will always be cheaters. Trust me, I used to be a coach there. If I showed up at a recruits house without a stack of cash, I would've been fired as soon as I got back to campus. They are overrated, they lack depth and they are immoral. Stanford beat them, they have struggled against a couple of weaker teams, and let me tell you what, gentlemen, we are not a weak team. We are the University of Washington, we play with pride wearing the purple and the gold. 1990......Todd Marinovich.... "All I saw was purple..." Just think about that when you take the field today. We are the God Damn Huskies, and we do not get pushed around by these soft, long-haired, prissy, Hollywood pansies of a football team. Fight for tradition. Fight for our fans and for this city. Make them bow down..."

Coach Sark, if you are reading this right now, use this speech. It will mean a victory for the Huskies against USC. Thank you.

Go Dawgs!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playing the Ducks...

This has become one of the hardest weeks to look forward to each year. As Oregon has become one of the premier teams in college football over the years (by cheating), we, as Husky fans, have had to endure years of obnoxious, unintelligible Duck fans who have gained a national following for........their uniforms. I don't think there could be any other way to hate the Ducks after years of growing up hating in every way the boys from Eugene (shitty town), but this new "tradition" of having a different uniform for every game really eats at me.

Accompanying their stupid style of play that resembles a 7 on 7 drill at my high school football camp in Moscow, Idaho, are these dumb freaking uniforms. What the school basically said was, "we have sucked for so long, we need an overhaul, and we will do it by throwing tradition out the window." And what's worse, people all over the nation think this it is the coolest thing in the world. Watching the Ducks on TV is really hard to do. The fans, the stadium, the field, the fans, Chip Kelly, Kenny Wheaton, the fans, the uniforms, their recent success and the fans make it a miserable experience.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Speaking of the black out....

I have been tossing this idea back and forth in my head for quite some time about the Huskies, "How do I feel about the boys changing up their uniforms so often?" I have to admit that I am a traditionalist, so I have a really hard time seeing anything other than gold helmets, purple jerseys and gold pants at home, or gold helmet, white jerseys and gold pants on the road. Now, I am not so far out there as to not realize the appeal of changing things up ever so often, but after what we saw last year with the different combos (i.e. the all whites, and the white helmet, and the black pants on the road) I am ready for the "tradition" of Husky football to get back on course. This last Thursday against Stanford was a lot of fun to watch, and the blackout of uniforms and the people in the stands played out very well when all shades of black converged on the field when the clock ticked down to :00. Here is a look at the promotional picture from last week's blackout game....

Courtesy: Olugbenro Ogunsemore
I wasn't terrible excited about the look until I saw the crowd show up in similar colors, but I think there would have been a bigger impact, for me, if the Dawgs were wearing their traditionals. Maybe I am crazy, but I would just like to stay as far away from the "Ducks" look as I possibly can.

What do you all think? Let me know by commenting below.